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This is NEW, Different and Exciting...and has not been done before. James Ward is the owner & CEO of Sports Trading BTC. They have been in the global sports betting / trading business since 2016. They have teamed up with some of the absolute best, most professional sports betting traders in the world. In fact, they win about 70% of the time. They are a very profitable company.

Now all of the major online sports betting companies use Bitcoin for placing bets, funding accounts, paying out earnings, etc. James Ward took the success and power of this amazing industry and tied it to the exciting world of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and cryptos. He has developed a business model that has never been done before and is amazingly powerful. He added a network marketing, affiliate marketing component to his sports trading business and it is taking off like wildfire!

It's free for any person in the world to join Sports Trading BTC. ( sports trading btc scam ). There is no cost to join and no monthly fees. You then select a package that you would like to earn at. The smallest package is only 0.01 Bitcoin which today is about $90 USD. You can upgrade at anytime.

The company, Sports Trading BTC (STB) makes sports trades 365 days a year. On the 15 of the month, STB looks at the profits from the previous 30 days and determines the percentage amount they will pay each qualified member, each day, in what is called a trading bonus. Currently, in October of 2019, qualified members are earning 1.38% PER DAY on their package level amount. (At this rate your Bitcoin will double in 73 days.)

The BTC profits are automatically deposited into your personal crypto wallet of your choice every night. You wake up in the morning and look at your crypto wallet, and there you will see your earns from the previous day.

You can choose to be a totally Passive member in STB and enjoy daily passive income or ... and/ can choose to share this amazing opportunity with others anywhere in the world. The compensation plan is very powerful and if you work at this, you can earn far more from the business sharing part of the business than you can just on the passive part.

The company wanted to do everything they could to insure they stay in business for many, many years to come, so they hired a professional business consultant, D. Golden & Associates. Owner is Dwayne Golden. Mr. Golden is not a member nor an owner. He is a true outside party whose job it is to insure that proper money management systems are in place and being followed to the T every day. He also insures the system is as secure as possible by having redundant servers all over the world.

This is a perfect time to join this fast growing, exciting business. sports trading btc

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If you have any questions contact me directly. I am happy to answer any of your questions. I am a leader on the largest team in the US. We offer amazing support and even have a full time support person just to support our team. If you join with me you will receive a FREE $830 Marketing Suite to help you grow your business. I look forward to working with you and helping you earn an amazing amount of passive income each day as well.
Ken Shuler
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